Battery Additive “Den geki-maru” tablet

Product Features

This tablet type battery additive is formulated with special sulfate compound. It will decompose and remove the sulfation, which lowers the ability of charge/discharge of a battery, in the battery fluid and restore battery ability.

How to use

●Drop one tablet into each cell of the battery.

●Charge a low battery before dropping the tablets.

●Before use, refill the fluid to the proper level if the fluid was too few.

●When used with flanker brand「D-26 Battery Additive "Den geki-germa" Tablet」, wait for one day after

used one of the product before use another.
① Clean the outside of battery. Make sure there are not foreign objects getting into the battery when adding this product into the battery.
② Open the cap of battery and drop this product into the battery.

※Cautious to the fluid which could splash onto face.
③ Recap the battery cap properly.
④ Wash hands properly after use.※Use once every 6 months is recommended.


■Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

■Do not used on two wheelers.

■Be sure to stop the engine before using this product, as over current might cause hydrogen and might lead to fires.

■Use in a well-ventilated place.

■This product might not be effective on seriously deteriorated battery.


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6 pcs

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