Carburetor Maintenance & Cleaner

Product Features

This product is a powerful cleaner which combined metal component cleaner and carburetor cleaner. 

When used for metal components, it dissolves and removes tar formed on the metal, deteriorated rubber stain and stubborn greasy stain such as grease, gear oil and brake fluid. When used for carburetor, it removes varnish, gum or carbon which stuck in injection system and fuel system.

It is also suitable for cleaning gears, mechanical parts, engine components or carburetor components. 

This product is best for cleaning carburetor of automobile, motorbike or agricultural machine.


How to use

※Use in a well-ventilated place. Shake the bottle well before use.

※Remove cap and confirm the nozzle direction.

※Use extension stock come with the product when spray to components in narrow space. 


【When use for carburetor】

❶Warm up engine for 5 minutes and stop the engine.

❷Shake the bottle well, and then install the extension stock comes with the package.

❸Remove air filter and start the engine. 

❹Pushing the accelerator down and increase the engine rotation speed to 50~60% of the maximum rate.

❺Press one time ( for 0.5 second) into the carburetor. Make sure the rotation of engine is still going on.

❻When the engine is about to stop, push down accelerator more. (for motorbike and agricultural machine)

❼Repeat step ❺〜❻ for about 10〜20 times.

❽Finally, keep the engine idle for about 10 minutes and make sure it is stable. 


【When used for soaking and cleaning components】

❶Put the component into a metal container, spray this product to the component, and clean with a brush

※After removing the stain, wipe with a cloth and let dry if necessary. 

❷Put the cap back on and wash hands well with a soap after use.



■Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

■Cannot use for electric Fuel Injection cars.

■Cannot use for diesel cars.

■Use in a well-ventilated place as dark and white smoke will be emitted during the cleaning operation. ■Remove resin and rubber components before use, as it might cause deterioration.

■Do not spill to pained body, resin or rubber components. If accidentally spilled, wipe off immediately with a cloth before deterioration.

■Do not use the bottle upside down.

■Do not spill to clothes as it might cause stain.

■When holding the bottle, do not hold the cap only. The bottle might fall off if doing so.


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