Polishing Wipes for Car

Product Features

This is a wax wipes for car to allow you polishing your car easily and conveniently. 

This wipes can be widely used on car body, bumper, car visor, lights, or wheels which makes clean and polish car an easy and speedy job. All you need to do is wipe on the dirty part, and a perfect gloss and water repelling effect can be achieved. 

Moreover, this soft wipe made in mesh structure is able to clean and remove dust, bug stains and bird droppings without damage car body.


How to use

●Flip the clear sticker seal on the package and take 1 sheet out at a time.
●If the wipe gets dirty, turn to a clean side for use.

●With an absolute dirty surface, wipe off gently first to “loosen” the dirt, then use a new sheet to wipe again.
●Wash hands properly after use.
●In order to keep the wipes moist, press down and close the sticker seal properly after use.


■Wear gloves if your skin is sensitive, as it might cause skin irritation.
■Keep out of reach of children.
■Do not use for purposes other than the designated.
■Do not use on human body.
■Do not use on genuine leather, as it might cause discoloration or stains.
■If used when there are dust, pebbles or sands on the painted surface, the surface might be damaged.
■Do not use in a very hot day.
■Do not use on heated parts, as it might cause stains or color unevenness.
■Do not use while driving.
■Do not wipe too hard, or use a dried out sheet, a sheet which was drop on the ground, or a very dirty sheet, as it will damage the surface.
■Do not use in an ill-ventilated place.
■Do not use on a re-painted car or on deteriorated painted surface.










24 sheets

Prostaff Co. Ltd.