Super Grease Spray

Product Features

This greasy spray contains molybdenum sulfide which is an ingredient excellent in pressure resistance, heat resistance and water resistance. It prevents galling and friction wearing of oil deflectors in heavy duty or extreme pressured environment by penetrating into the metal surface and gaps.
The range of application is very broad, from electric power tools to agricultural equipment. It is most ideal for press, bearings and hinges in machinery.
It is a high performance chemical spray with long sustained anti-corrosion and lubrication effect.

How to use

●Slightly shake the bottle before use. Use in a well-ventilated environment.
●Do not tilt the bottle while using, the content might not be used up.
1. Remove the cap, check nozzle direction and spray to car components。※Use the extension stock comes with the product, otherwise the liquid might drip. ※Switch to the long extension stock comes with the product when use on narrow parts.
2. Recap the bottle and wash hands after use



■Please do not use for purpose other than the designated.

■Do not use on parts which are not supposed to be lubricated such as brake and cylinder lock.

■Do not use on painted or coated car body or rubber, plastic and aluminum parts. It might cause discoloration or damages. If accidentally sprayed by, wipe off with a cloth immediately.

■Do not use when components are in high temperature.

■Please do not push down the nozzle with bottle tilted. The liquid might leak.

■When holding the bottle, do not hold the cap only. The bottle might fall off if doing so.


Size,  Weight & Contents










220 ml

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