Gel Air Freshener “Soid”

Product Features

“Soid” is water based gel air freshener/deodorant for car. It comes in 4 colors and provides fresh scent for car interior space.

Fashionable design let this product matches any interior. You can put it above the dashboard or on the drink holder. Compact size makes it convenient to be put even under the seat. 



How to use

1. Remove the double sided tape from the bottom of the case.

2. Remove the lid and the seal.

3. Put the lid back on tightly and properly.

4. Select a horizontal place inside the car and stick this product there.

※Do not tilt the case as the content might leak. Pay special attention when putting the case. 




■Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

■Do not put in places where might interfere driving.

■If the product accidentally dropped, put it in a place which will not interfere driving.

■If the content accidentally spilled, wipe off with a wet cloth immediately, as it might cause deterioration or stain for seat, resin parts, and clothes.

■Make sure to remove the seal when use. Do not put the removed seal back on again.

■Do not open the lid unless you are beginning to use this product. Once opened, the lid might not be able to be tighten up again, and might cause the content to leak.

■If your car is equipped with air bags, never put in the place which will interfere the air bags.

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