Portable Shoe Cover

Product Features

This is a portable shoe cover which can be wear with your shoes on. It is convenient when doing car wash or in a rainy day.
With a zipper on the side, this free size shoe cover is easy to wear. The special designed flap for the zipper prevents water, mud or snow from getting inside, and protects your favorite shoes.
It can be used in a variety of situations such as washing cars, riding on a bike to school, or when encountering a sudden bad weather.
Moreover, the anti-slip sole guarantees a safe use during a rainy day.

How to use

【When to Use】
●When washing a car

●When riding on a bicycle or a motorbike

●On the way to school or company

●During heavy rain or snow.

●When watching a sport game

【How To Use】
Wear with your shoes on.  ※Clean and let dry properly after use. Store in a storage bag.


■Do not use for purposes other than the designated.

■There might be chances that it might cause itching or skin irritation due to individual differences. If these abnormalities happens, stop using right away.

■Do not go near heat while wearing this product. The product might melt and cause burn injury.

■Do not use if there are sharp stones or foreign objects stuck on the sole.

■Pay attention to injury caused by sharp objects when washing with this product.

■Do not use highly concentrated chemicals, gasoline, kerosene, benzene or thinner.

■Do not pull too hard while wearing, as the heated seal might break. ■The purpose of this product is protecting shoes from water or snow. However, it could be damaged if used in an improper way or in an improper environment.

■Do not step in puddles or oil tank, as this product is not fully waterproof and the fluid and moist might get in.

■Do not store under direct sunlight or in a high temperature and humidity place.

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